Community Centre Basics

Image result for Community Centre BasicsThis is a website that is dedicated to all the many small towns, and villages, that would like to have a community centre. A community centre is the type of establishment that has to be totally self-supportive and requires a lot of dedication from the members of the community that it will be serving. This website also focuses on sports and game playing which are two very important tools that can be utilized in making a community centre successful. To make this site user-friendly it has been segregated into categories.


Sports can play an important role in the success of any community centre. In this section, you will find that some of the posts talk about the type of sports that can be integrated into the centres programming. There are even some great tips about e-sports, and how it can be utilised.

Playing Games

The successful community centre will recognise the influence of sports and gaming on the youth, and will make every effort to incorporate gameplay into the centre’s activity roster. On this site, we promote and highlight posts that encourage team play sports, and also, thoughts on how sports can be used to bring recognition to the community centre. Some may think that computer games do not have any place in the community setting, but this may not be the case. There are some innovative ways that computer games can be included in the community centre setting.

What to Do

For those that are starting a community centre, or are in the process of running one, they should be aware that along the way there will be some challenges that arise. This section deals with some of the possible problems and offers some tips and hints on how these challenges can be dealt with.

Hopefully, this website can be used as a resource for those who are involved in community centres.