Encouraging Community Centre Members to Play Computer Games

There are many different activities that a community centre can offer. The challenge is finding activities that are diversified enough that they will appeal to all age groups. This can be difficult but not impossible. One that may seem very unlikely can actually be one of the best solutions.

Image result for Spider SolitaireComputer Games in the Community Centre

One of the common complaints that many parents have, is that their kids spend too much time on their computers, and mobile devices. This is an activity that the kids are not likely to give up, but can be utilized in more productive ways. There are a number of great games that can be played online such as Spider Solitaire, and many others. It is a single player game but can easily be turned into a competition. There is no competition without participants. Arranging this type of competitive gaming events can increase a sense of connectivity amongst the residents.


The community centre could easily arrange for tournaments to be played by incorporating many of the online computer games. These tournaments could be held by arranging a time when community participants all come together to play the games. Or they can be held over a period of time while collecting pertinent data. There are many different ways that this can be approached.

Bringing the Young and the Old Together

One of the best aspects about the community centre is that it caters to all age groups. With some creative planning, the computer games can be utilized for both the young and the old. The young can teach the older generation how to play some of the online games, and introduce them to single player games. This way, the senior that can’t always get out, can at least make use of this new found knowledge when at home. Nowadays, many senior citizens have mobile devices and/or, a computer and the basic knowledge of how to use it.