What Sports Can Be Included in Community Centres?

There are many different types of local community centres. Some are large complexes that are a combination of sports, meeting place and leisure, and also fill in as an information centre. Then, there are smaller community centres in rural towns and villages that primarily act as a central place for the residents to get together for a variety of different reasons. Mostly to socialize and come together as a group to participate in various activities such as sport.

Deciding on Which Sports

Every community is different, so the centre should make their decisions based on the wants and needs of the those attending when it comes to which sports to select at the centre. For example, if the centre is going to be enjoyed mostly by seniors, then a totally different approach as to what sports may be included will be required, compared to a centre that is predominantly for younger citizens.

Image result for Sports for SeniorsSports for Seniors

It can be challenging to try and determine what sports would apply to seniors, but many are quite surprised that there are several that are most appropriate for them such as;

  • Bowling
  • Lawn Bowling
  • Swimming
  • Bike Riding
  • Walkathons
  • Shuffle Board
  • Pickleball

Also, don’t underestimate a senior’s ability to participate in e-sports like these here.

Sports for Youth

Almost any team sport can be considered for the youth who will be attending the centre. Keep in mind that now girls play almost every sport that the guys do, but it would be worth looking for a sport that is most compatible with either gender.

The community centre has to determine, based on the users, which sports would be the most feasible to offer.