What To Do To Raise Money for a Community Center

Anyone that lives in a community where there is an active community centre will usually tell you that this is one of the most valuable commodities that a town or village may have. A well grounded and properly operated community centre serves many important purposes.

Protecting the Community CentreImage result for Protecting the Community Centre

One of the many attributes that most community centres have is that their doors are open to everyone. It doesn’t matter what one’s gender is, what their religious beliefs are, or what colour their skin is, everyone is treated equally. Because of the idea of equal opportunity for all, it is possible that a community centre can become the target of hate crimes. In most cases however, the community will rally together in unity to stand up against this type of action.

Raising Money for Community Centres

Community centres are most often considered to be charitable organizations. This means that they are basically on their own when it comes to the financial needs of the group. Even so, in general, the community will often get together to raise the money needed to keep this establishment open and operational. There are several different events that a community centre can have that serve as both, entertainment, and a fundraising opportunity for the centre and the participants.

  • Bake Sales: A common event that can be held to help raise money. Participants bake and sell their delicious delicacies to the local residents. Most often the community will be very supportive of this dessert smorgasbord and purchase the baked goods.
  • Farmer’s Market: If the community centre owns a small patch of land, a veggie garden can be started and the harvest can be used and sold at a neighbouring Farmer’s Market to raise money for the centre. A portion of what is grown can also help towards feeding those less fortunate. Participation in this type of event, as well as hosting one, can have multiple rewards to it.